Metallic Foil Pressure Gauge

When a metallic conductor is stretched or compressed, its resistance modifications owing to a alter in the size and diameter (cross-portion) of the conductor. Hence a strain Gauge is a measurement transducer made use of to measure pressure (that is, relative alterations in dimension). It is a Transducer since it converts facts about relative improve in dimension to a alter in resistance.

This form of Pressure Gauge comes underneath the classification of Bonded Strain Gauge because it is bonded on the scenario beneath study.


The arrangement consists of the next

The metallic foil of .02mm thick is created employing the printed circuit procedure. This metal foil is developed on a person aspect of the plastic backing. Sales opportunities are soldered to the steel foil for electrically connecting the gauge to a measuring instrument (wheat stone bridge).

With the aid of an adhesive substance, the gauge is pasted/bonded on the structure underneath review. Now the structure is subjected to a pressure (tensile or compressive). Due to the power, the structure will transform the dimension. As the it is bonded to the framework, the stain gauge will also undergo modify in both equally in duration and cross-part (that is, it strained). This strain (improve in dimension) changes the resistance of the gauge which can be measured employing a wheat stone bridge.
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This improve in resistance of the pressure gauge results in being a measure of the extent to which the construction is strained and a measure of the applied pressure when calibrated.


* These can be manufactured in any condition.

* Great bonding of the unit is possible with composition beneath examine.

* The backing can be peeled off and the steel foil with potential customers can be utilised straight on the structure less than analyze. In these instances, a ceramic adhesive is to be utilized.