How to Write a Product Review for Electronics

Have you always had a love of new gadgets, and wondered how to write a product review so you could share your knowledge with the world? Have you ever thought that there might be some way to make a bit of money from your obsession with the latest electronics to hit the market? Well get ready, ’cause we’re just about to look at how to write a product review for electronics.

In this article we’re going to have a look at where the best products are to review, how you should be reviewing them, and finally, how to get your vast knowledge out to the general public.

Where do we find the best place to start our product review?

The best place to start is There are a number of reasons why this is the best place to start. First, you have a wide range of products to choose from. Second, you can see how popular each of the products is. Thirdly, this is probably going to be the website that you’ll sign up with (as an affiliate) and drive the buyers that want to buy after reading your product review best disposable bowls microwave here.

There a large number of other companies that you can do this with online but, has a high conversion rate for people who visit the site, and the people will often buy more than one product; more commission for you.

How do you go about reviewing the products?

The first and foremost way of doing a review is to review a product that you’ve actually used yourself. If you can do that then you are more likely to cover the things in the product review that the readers are actually interested in. The more knowledge and enthusiasm you have for a product, the easier it is to put that across in the review.

Pick products that have high ticket prices because you aren’t paid a huge amount of commission on, however, is a widely trusted company, so people won’t be put off of buying high priced, top brand products, and may also buy some of the items they recommend to go with it.

One of the best types of reviews you can do is a comparison review. What you should do is pick three products that are fairly similar, and compare them to each other. Point out what they can and can’t do, then give a final recommendation at the end of your review.

It’s always best to point out benefits of a product over the features, but for someone looking for a product review for electronics, they’re going to expect a few high tech features to be mentioned as well.

One of the big pluses of a comparison review is the fact that you have three chances of getting a possible sale. Some people might be attracted by the price of one, or the features of another, you just never know what’s going to ‘tick the boxes’ for some people.

How do we get our product review out on the net?

There are a number of templates available for people who want to put up a site doing product reviews. The templates are good, but not necessary when you’re first starting out. You could create a blog and put the reviews up on that, but it still means buying a domain, and getting a hosting site. So what’s the best and cheapest alternative?

Squidoo is a web 2.0 content management site that will let you sign up and get started for free. Squidoo Lenses (the individual pages you create) are loved by the search engines and get ranked pretty quickly.

You should start by getting a title for your lens that’s as close as possible to the range of products that you’re reviewing. Next you’ll want to write an article/review of each of the products and put them up separately. Finally, you should have a short article summing up the differences and what your own personal choice is.


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